In this advanced era, welders are being used in almost every fields. From the construction field to automobile, welding is necessary for every sector. The need for welding increased the demand for welders and skilled welders are making a handsome amount of money every month.

Are you also interested in welding? Do you want to know how to become a welder? If you are here, then you definitely want that. And this very article is going to show you all the ways that will help you become a certified welder.

Let’s not waste any time and dive into the business!

How to Become a Certified Welder?

Before we get started, I would like to have a few words with you. This very article doesn’t have any magic that will make you a professional welder. Everything that I can offer you is the right way and you have to walk through the ways on your own.

In the beginning, the journey might be very harsh but it depends on your will power. If you love it, you will make it. And if you don’t, you will get lost in the journey. If it was easy then everyone would have achieved it.

Always remember, everything comes at a price, if you want to achieve it, you got to work harder. And your hard work is what will separate you from the crowd. Did you get me? I hope you did!

Search for a training program near you: 

I am assuming you are a complete beginner, don’t have any prior experience. So the very first thing you would want to do is look out for welding training programs, that will be the best way to get started. Many schools have such programs which would be very effective if you get into one.

However, in the USA there are three well-known private welding schools that can help you greatly. Here are they

  • Tulsa Welding School (TWS)
  • Lincoln Welding School (LWS)
  • Hobart Institute Welding Technology (HIWT)

Students of these institutes get scholarships from different companies as well and these institutions have job placement advantage as well. If you are good at work, you might get hired by different companies quickly.

Follow the instructions given by the institute

You can’t learn to weld from reading books, you have to get started with practically doing it. The institute might give you some knowledge about welding at the very beginning and later they will allow you to do welding practically.

Learn how to strike an arch, tack and how to control your puddles, do not miss anything from the lecture. There are different types of welding such as TIG, MIG, STICK, Fluxed core, and ARCH. Learns which type of welding is suitable for what materials and keep the idea about how each operates.

Start your welding by making small welds, do not hurry and act like a professional on the first practical class. And remember to wear all the needed protective gear provided by the institute.

Take part in an apprenticeship program

A lot of companies offer on the job training, where you will get a chance to work on the real field and you will surely learn a lot from the superiors. You won’t get a good amount of money during that period but if once you complete the apprenticeship program and if you prove yourself, you might get appointed as an employee and that is when you will start getting the deserving amount.

My suggestion will be to learn as much as possible during on the job training program, gather experience. Do not work only to get appointed as an employee by that company, instead focus on skill development, you will fly even higher. Companies are ready to give asked amount of money as salary to the experienced and highly skilled welders.

Know about different types of employment

There are different types of employment is the welding industry as well. And if you want to shine in that industry, you got to learn about all those types and have to determine which one you want to pursue.

Welders: They only do one thing, welding the metals. Skilled welders can easily find work in most kind of manufacturing companies. And also paid a good amount of money. With the increasing number of industries, the demand for the welders also increases.

Welding engineers: They have more responsibilities than welders. Welding engineers manage projects, they make a plan, and they are also paid good, more than the welder. However, becoming a welding engineer requires experience in CAD and four-year engineering degree.

Welding instructor: For becoming a welding instructor you would need AWS certification. The work of an instructor is to teach others and there is a lot of jobs available for the instructors. They get huge respects as well. However, it requires a lot of experience to become a qualified instructor.

Welding inspector: They are highly paid and their work is to evaluate and ensure the quality of the weld. It is a little hard to become a welding inspector since it requires AWS certificate and working with senior welding inspector.

Get AWS certified

This is the last step, once you get the AWS certificate you don’t even have to search for a job, it will search for you. In order to get AWS certified you have to go through a welding test and a written exam as well. It is a little hard because to pass the test you need super skills. However, it is hard but not impossible.

If you’re a beginner in the welding platform, you cannot expect to use the MIG welders that are complicated to use. Of course, you’ll want to go for an easy one. But then again, you have to make sure this welder doesn’t compromise functionality.

If you want both comfort and functionality along with durability, you should go for the beginners MIG welder. With the best one around, you’ll be able to take your welding experience into its peak very easily.

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A lot of people wanted an easy guide on how to become a welder, so here it is. Try to follow all the steps and work very hard, you will reach the point you want to.