Frequently Asking Question & Answers:

  • What is the best way to learn TIG welding ?

TIG welding requires many many hours of practice to hands on it. The best way to learn TIG welding to do practice, practice and practice. There’s always a demand for skilled TIG welders due to its time consuming and hard learning curve. Only focusing on practice will make you a better TIG welder. There is no other short cut way.

  • Do you get shocked when working with TIG welding?

Yes, we could be zapped if the welder is high- frequency starts and we are not prepared well to do the job properly. When it has earth clamped properly and we wear gloves then it’s safe. Also, we have to know the use of all electrical equipment’s so that we could make us free from shocking. Basically welder uses low voltage when it applies for welding and it’s not harmful to the human body so far if we use gloves and earthing clump.